Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Post #11

Kid with Computer

Little Kids, Big Potential

What an amazing first grade class! Ms. Cassidy is doing remarkable things with technology in her classroom. She is using the internet to connect with her students, and to help them connect with people all over the world. With her class webpage, her students are able to choose activities that will help them improve whatever skill they may need to work on. Her students are leaning how to create their own blogs and wikis; it's obvious that they are very smart and interested. I can see how beneficial technology in the classroom can be. Before taking EDM 310 I didn't know anything about wikis, podcasts, and blogs; now I love it. I think I could incorporate all of these techniques into my classroom. Ms. Cassidy's video showed me all that I can do with technology. I hope my classroom is equipped with computers and smart boards so that my students are able to participate in interactive activities, blogs, and wikis like Ms. Cassidy's class. I want to instill in my students the importance of positivity not only in the classroom but with their blogs, commenting, webpages, etc. I am excited to see what my future students can accomplish when given the proper materials. I can't wait!


  1. Ashley,

    Your post is a bit short! However, you understand that Ms. Cassidy is an incredible educator. She proves that you should always use all of your resources to the best of your ability.

  2. Ashley, I enjoyed your post. I can relate to you when you stated that you did not know anything about wikis, podcast, and blogs. Before taking EDM310 I didn't either. I feel like I have been introduced to an entire new world of Education!! I also thought Mrs Cassidy's class was amazing. They were really engaged in learning. I thought it was so cute when the little boy was saying to be nice when commenting on others blog. Great post! Enjoy the rest of the semester!!