Thursday, June 28, 2012

C4T #3

Passion For Teaching

At The Teacher's Desk.

This blog is a collaboration of several teachers' thoughts and ideas.

Tablets Are Great For Reflections By William Chamberlain

Mr. Chamberlain stated that he bought iPad and Apple TV for his classroom earlier in the year to benefit his students. He thinks it will be a good way for students to share what they are learning. I agree! Next, he bought a Nexus 7(tablet) for his students to record their reflections on his class everyday. Then his students can upload their reflections to a tumblr blog Mr. Chamberlain created. What a great idea!

Comment #1

I think Mr. Chamberlain is on to something. I think it is an awesome idea to have the students record their daily reflections of his class. By uploading them to his blog Mr. Chamberlain and his students are able to understand each other and how they feel about the class. This will also allow Mr. Chamberlain to see what(if) he needs to focus on more. Kuddos for Mr. Chamberlain for incorporating the iPad and Apple TV into his lessons. Allowing his students to use will definitely help them share with the class what they have learned

They Don't Love Your Subject (and That Is Okay!) By William Chamberlain

In this post Mr. Chamberlain comes to the conclusion that not every student will love and the same passion for your favorite subject. It is your favorite for reason. That subject is quite possibly one of the main reasons why you became a teacher in the first place. You should teach that subject with the passion you feel for it, but don't get upset if your students don't feel that same way. It is okay, and maybe better, for them to feel that way. Mr. Chamberlain says that our students should be allowed the freedom to explore what they are passionate about. Quoting Mr. Chamberlain, "We need to love our students enough to let them not share our passion."

Comment #2

Again, I definitely agree with what Mr. Chamberlain is getting at in this post. I wish more teachers had his outlook when I was in grade school. Teachers should never try to force their students to love a subject. It will only push them further away from that subject. Students should explore all subjects and see what strikes them. They should allowed to find their passion.

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